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    On February 14th I became Mrs. Snow. My husband got an amazing job, I was going to attend Toni & Guy and we were on our way to moving out into our own apartment. Life was finally starting to look up for us.

    On March 18th, while my husband was in the middle of signing the papers for our apartment, I was hit by someone who was speeding through an intersection while on my way to meet my husband Jeremy.
    Now the car’s left side has been rendered completely useless, also now has no window. It also has a massive oil leak and is sucks gas. $80 a week to keep it filled up.

    We moved into our apartment on March 23rd, and were surprised to find the location of our apartment overlooks the intersection where the accident took place.

    School started May 1st. With my husbands morning schedule, I had to take the bus to and from school, Tuesday-Saturday. My class times are 8-4. I have no time to do anything other than go to school because I live so far.

    May 2nd, my husband found out that he was being laid off only a month after we moved into our apartment. Because of this, I had to drop out of school, and wait to re-enroll until June.

    As of right now, we are almost out of food, we do not have the means to pay ANY of our bills (which are ALL due at the beginning of June, and to top it off my husband is a Type 1 Diabetic with no health insurance and no way to afford insulin. We have sold as much of our belongings as we can, including our wedding bands, and are on a very long waiting list for state assistance.

    Please, if you can help, even a little bit. We would be so thankful.
    Please help us get on our feet so we can chase our dreams and enjoy our new life together. Please help us stay off the streets.